Council of Congregations

East End Cooperative Ministry’s Council of Congregations is an advisory body to the Board of Directors, comprised of representative from local congregations. The council acts as liaison between EECM and participating congregations, providing information about activities, volunteer needs, and other opportunities to get involved.

The Council of Congregations meets on the second Thursday of each month, at 7 PM. If your congregation would like to become involved with the Council of Congregations, please email Jonathan Sewall, Council President.

Council Meetings for 2014

Meeting Dates
January 9 July 10
February 13 August 4
March 13 September 11
April 10 October 9
May 8 November 13
June 12 December TBD


Participating Congregations

Responsibilities of Council of Congregation Members (click here for participating congregations)

  1. Attend meetings and participate fully in Council of Congregation’s meetings.
  2. Advocate for and be the voice of EECM in your congregation-see that information is put into congregational publications in a timely manner through newsletters, bulletins, electronic mailings, bulletin boards, etc.
  3. Support EECM through attending events and volunteering to assist where needed.
  4. Invite participation by other member congregations at events hosted by your own congregation, as appropriate.
  5. Recruit volunteers or identify recruitment opportunities within the congregation.
  6. Include EECM in your stewardship.
  7. Keep EECM clients and staff in your prayers.