EECM recognizes the lack of opportunity (whether it be in education, employment, mental health services, housing, healthy groceries, or youth recreation) as one of the most prominent causes of poverty. We seek to be the solution to that problem not only in the East End, but in the entire Pittsburgh community.

That is where WorkForce comes in. The program is split into two parts: contract opportunities and our own brand of coffee & tea.

WorkForce offers contract opportunities in Environmental Services, Landscaping, and Snow Removal to individuals who are usually overlooked for jobs. Many of our WorkForce employees are former clients! After receiving job training and mentorship, they are able to hold full time and part time, paid positions within our organization. Because we as an agency believe that everyone has potential- some just don’t have the opportunity.

WorkForce creates one.

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In addition, WorkForce offers EECM Community House Coffee & Tea. All product sales benefit EECM program participants and the Pittsburgh Community. From espresso reminiscent of mornings in Southern Italy to soothing teas as a perfect nightcap, East End Community House has it all. Choose whole bean or ground, enjoy your coffee roasted or cold. Choose your favorite way with your new favorite brand. Pick up your blend today and help us create a community of opportunity in Pittsburgh.


Our products can be found at Alex’s East End Flowers, Bryant Street Market, Cucina Vitale, Green Heiress Holistic Health, The Framery, Grand Brew, Groceria Merante, Giant Eagle Market District Shadyside, Le Petit Chocolat, McGinnis Sisters, Nicholas Coffee and Paul Michael Design.


Contact Tony Cortese at & 412-345-7118 or Susan de Morais at & 412-345-7120 for more information!