December 2019

Pamela’s Story

My name is Pamela Jenkins. I first heard about East End Cooperative Ministry in January of 1994.

I was homeless. I just got out of rehab. I wasn’t working. I had nothing until a friend kindly steered me to EECM. Dedicated staff and volunteers helped me with food and shelter and, most important, they helped me regain my self-confidence. They helped me get an apartment. And EECM didn’t stop there.

Miraculously, EECM saw talent and conviction in me. And, they gave me a job. I’ve been clean and sober for 25 years and that’s how long I worked for EECM. 25 years beautiful and successful years of never feeling hopeless again. I started out as a secretary and worked my way up to case management.

Every single day, I saw EECM similarly transform lives of desperation into productive lives of confidence and hope. It was at EECM where I found a spiritual connection –not religious– but spiritual. I witnessed first-hand how individuals from East Liberty, Homewood, Downtown Pittsburgh, Shadyside, Southside and beyond reached independence just like I did.

And over those 25 years, I learned that the successes of EECM wouldn’t be possible without your continued generosity. Trust me. EECM saved my life and will continue to save lives thanks to you.

July 2019

Brandin’s Story


My first association with EECM began when my mother started working for the organization through the AmeriCorps program. At the time, I was just an innocent and carefree three-year-old who was always happy and smiling. Of course, at that age I did not know what shape my future was going to take or what difficult challenges I would face.
Growing up, I never had my biological father in my life.
I have only seen him a handful of times over my 23 years. Sadly, this is a common experience among my African-American male peers. However, with the support of EECM and the male mentors I had there, I was able to stay away from living a dangerous life and initiate a positive path for myself. I am proud and privileged to call these mentors father figures.
Rev. Leonard has been teaching me valuable lessons in so many aspects of my life.
One of those men that I look up to through this very day is Rev. Darnell Leonard, EECM’s Program Director for Children and Youth Services. Since I first came to know him as a young child, he has been teaching me valuable lessons on not only what it means to be a man of God, but also how to become a leader and to grow in so many aspects of my life.

I learned so much through EECM youth groups. Since 1999, I have been a part of the Camp as both a camper and counselor. Being a camper was a blessing because I was able to learn how to grow in life despite my challenging personal circumstances. As a Camp counselor, I led and taught a younger generation to be their very best, no matter their own […]

February 2015

Burgh Baby Diaper Drive

Visit Community House during the month of February to drop off your unopened bags of diapers. EECM is partnering with Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank during their Burgh Baby Diaper Drive. Donated diapers will be distributed free to families in need throughout the region.

Winter poses many challenges to families in need. When paychecks are used for utilities, such as the gas bill, less is available for personal care items, like diapers.

Show your support to the babies in our community by making your donation of unopened diapers in the big blue bin at the main foyer of Community House. Sizes 4, 5, and 6 are the most in-demand sizes of diapers.

Donations will be accepted through February 28th.

January 2014

Holiday Donations Recap 2013

Around the holidays we get an overwhelming number of donations. Our Food Pantry was swimming in donations from food drives hosted by local congregations and business. Keep reading for a holiday donation recap...

December 2013

Sewickley Academy Student Council Gives More Than Just Toys

Each year around Christmas time, the lower school at Sewickley Academy collects toys for kids in our programs for our Christmas gift drive. Hear more about their 2013 Holiday donation.

October 2013

Little Hands. Big Heart.

I am raising a three year old daughter, LPL, which is terrifying. The world is a much scarier place than it used to be and as a result, young children regularly struggle with self-esteem issues. With the hope of offsetting some of the challenges she’ll face in the modern world, I’m teaching her values that will help her to be a better, stronger person.