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[[Exclusive Sale 50% ]] Nicobloc Reviews: Does it Really Work? The Truth! (TRE no:(qso791))

NicoBloc Overview

NicoBloc is a product that is available as a nicotine blocker. The drops are dribbled directly onto the filter of the cigarette to prevent the inhalation of harmful substances such as nicotine from the tobacco. Cigarettes are thus not completely eliminated, but the desire to smoke should steadily decrease. The dosage of 1 to 3 drops should make it possible to wean the body off cigarettes at its own pace, while smoking itself can remain a part of your life. The bottles in which NicoBloc is offered are handy and can therefore be taken to work or on trips with little effort. The manufacturer claims that the drops are made from all-natural ingredients such as corn syrup, which should not harm your body during inhalation. (Because of the extensive research, the author has allowed himself to use affiliate links. This means that the author receives a small commission when the product is sold without the price changing for you).

NicoBloc quality

The manufacturer markets NicoBloc as a scientifically tested product. A corresponding document can be found on the website, which supports the effectiveness. The tests required for this were carried out by Dr Alex Milne. No other independent test reports are currently known. However, since this is an American product, it can be assumed that the manufacturer has taken far-reaching precautions to protect itself from lawsuits. In the USA, lawsuits in the millions are not uncommon, so companies there are very concerned about effectiveness.

Known FAQ about this product

Q: In what form is NicoBloc offered?

A: NicoBloc are produced as drops. The drops are applied directly to the filter. A maximum dose of three drops per filter is sufficient. The drops must be freshly applied and must not have dried up before lighting the cigarette. According to the manufacturer, this rule is very important for the success of the nicotine blocker.

Q: How is this nicotine blocker dosed?

A: The dosage is 1 to 3 drops per cigarette. One drop is supposed to retain 33 % of the nicotine from the tobacco. Three drops should leave up to 99% of the nicotine in the filter. As a result, the starting dose is one drop and is slowly increased. The dosage opening on the bottle can help you not to apply too much of the liquid.

Q: How long does the content of a bottle of NicoBloc last?

A: The contents of a bottle of NicoBloc should last up to 2 weeks. However, how long it actually lasts depends on the number of cigarettes you smoke per day and the dosage of drops you choose. Results can take up to 6 weeks to appear.

Q: What ingredients are in the nicotine blocker?

A: The manufacturer of NicoBloc claims to use only natural ingredients in this product. A look at the ingredients shows that it is corn syrup, citric acid and water. Coming into contact with the moist filter in the mouth is therefore not a problem.

Q: Do the ingredients affect the taste?

A: The corn syrup contained in NicoBloc Nicotine Blocker gives the filter of the cigarettes a sweet taste. You will have to check for yourself whether this change will prevent you from continuing on the path to becoming a non-smoker.

Q: Is NicoBloc suitable for pregnant women?

A: According to the manufacturer, NicoBloc is also suitable for pregnant women.

Q: Are there any side effects associated with NicoBloc?

A: NicoBloc is not supposed to be associated with side effects. However, you should also consider the ingredients. If you are allergic to corn or citrus fruits, this nicotine blocker is not suitable for you.

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General NicoBloc customer reviews

The NicoBloc Nicotine Blocker does not require a long preparation time for addiction therapy. After removing the cap, the drops can be applied to the filter immediately. The use is therefore in principle also suitable for smoking cessation, which is more of a spontaneous decision. One point should be noted here. According to the manufacturer, the product only works if the drops are applied shortly before smoking. Preparing several cigarettes for the day in the morning does not work with NicoBloc. The drops should therefore always be close at hand to avoid falling back into old behaviour patterns when a sudden urge to smoke arises. In this way, the manufacturer encourages you to buy not just one bottle, but a larger quantity of the product.

The opinions on this nicotine blocker that can be found online are primarily enthusiastic about the idea of being able to apply a product directly to the cigarette to quit smoking. Some users write that this would also hardly change social aspects of the day, such as taking a smoke break together with colleagues. These short breaks, which smoking also entails, do not disappear from the daily routine from one day to the next. One advantage described by many users is that they can still hold a cigarette in their hands. Those who have smoked for years are so familiar with this hand movement that nicotine patches or chewing gum do not stop the feeling of actually wanting to hold a cigarette in their hands. With NicoBloc, this routine should continue and only gradually reduce.

Negative comments on the product primarily include the taste as well as the damp filter of the cigarette after application. Some users find the altered flavour less appealing. The dampness is also mentioned as a reason not to see the drops as a permanent solution to smoke-free living. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

What problems can I address with this nicotine blocker?

As a nicotine blocker, NicoBloc is primarily a product for smokers who want to give up smoking. Health is usually the primary concern here. The rising prices for cigarettes and tobacco can also be the reason for finally giving up smoking. The manufacturer states that the product is also suitable for pregnant women to reduce nicotine intake and avoid negative effects on the unborn child. The target group is thus not bound to gender or a specific age group. Health restrictions or side effects are supposed to occur due to the herbal ingredients used, such as corn syrup and lemon syrup.

NicoBloc sees itself as a product that also supports the psyche in giving up smoking. Cigarettes do not suddenly disappear from your life, but are replaced step by step. As a user, it is up to you to decide how high the dosage per cigarette should be. From a light start with one drop to the direct use of the maximum number of three drops, the entire spectrum is conceivable. In this way, you should be able to listen to your body's signals and adjust the dose if necessary to prevent withdrawal symptoms during addiction therapy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a nicotine blocker?


· Can be used at any time

· Slow smoking cessation

· Suitable for pregnant women

· Herbal ingredients

· Filter soaked in moisture


Nicotine blockers like NicoBloc, in the form of drops, are still one of those products that do not come up very often as a means to quit smoking. Compared to nicotine patches, the contact with the skin is limited to smoking only. Moreover, if the patches come off, a replacement is not always quick enough to hand. Problems can also arise with chewing gum. Their dosage often requires chewing gum for most of the day. This overtaxes the jaw muscles and is not welcome in every profession. Liquid nicotine blockers, which trap the nicotine in the filter, could therefore prove to be a serious third alternative to quit cigarettes for good.

Where can I buy NicoBloc online?

In Germany, NicoBloc is only available online as a smoking cessation product. The manufacturer reserves the right to offer the products for sale only on its own website. This limits your purchase options, but in return protects you from buying a counterfeit product. Product pirates are often very careless with the health of the buyer, which is why buying directly from the manufacturer does have some advantages.

In addition, a discount of 30% is currently granted on all offers. Further costs for shipping are also not added to the price at the moment. However, taxes and other costs may be incurred due to importation into the EU. In this case, it is important to be able to prove the amount of the purchase price. You should therefore keep the invoice you received online to have a corresponding proof in your hands.

According to the manufacturer, the content of a bottle of nicotine blocker is sufficient for about 2 weeks. By this time, the craving for a cigarette has not completely disappeared from your body. As part of an addiction therapy, you should therefore expect to make further purchases if NicoBloc brings you the desired results. To pay for your purchase, you must have either a credit card or a PayPal account. The seller does not offer other payment methods in Germany. Since the delivery is from abroad, you may need to be patient until the package arrives. The seller states the delivery time abroad as between 7 and 21 working days. Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!

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NicoBloc technical details

· Nicotine blocker in drop form

· Bottle contains dosage aid

· Formula based on ingredients such as corn syrup and citric acid

· Maximum 3 drops per cigarette required

· Content lasts up to two weeks

NicoBloc Rating

When looking at NicoBloc, the first thing that stands out is that this addiction therapy is neither a patch, chewing gum nor any of the other well-known products that are commercially available to fight the desire to smoke. The nicotine blocker is administered in the form of drops. You do not have to ingest these drops, but drip them onto the filter of the cigarette. If you have found it difficult to give up the feeling of holding a cigarette in your hands in previous attempts to quit smoking, this product can be an improved solution. The aim is to maintain the same routine, but still deliver less nicotine to the body. According to the manufacturer, only up to three drops per filter are required for this. The calculation that is made here is as follows:

· 1 drop = 33 % nicotine less

· 2 drops = 66 % nicotine less

· 3 drops = 99 % nicotine less

In this way, it should be possible for you to supply your body with less and less nicotine and harmful substances despite smoking. The drops are therefore intended to trick the body as well as the psyche in the process of giving up smoking. The handy shape of the NicoBloc bottle is also an advantage for this purpose. You can take it with you at any time in your jacket or trouser pocket. Dosing should also not be a problem due to the opening of the bottle. The usual routine until lighting the cigarette should only take a few seconds longer in addiction therapy.

Coming into direct contact with the nicotine blocker by mouth or inhalation is supposed to be harmless due to the ingredients used. The manufacturer states that the ingredients used in the production are purely natural. Upon closer investigation, it turns out that these ingredients consist of:

· corn syrup

· citric acid

· water and

· additives

The manufacturer of this nicotine blocker probably works with a distribution partner for shipping. As a glance at the e-mail address suggests, this is the company Giddy up from California. This company offers marketing and logistics services to manufacturers of products. This requires high investments that small companies can hardly afford on a global basis. For you as a buyer of the drops, this changes practically nothing. If you have any questions, it is helpful to contact the Giddy up support team. They can also give you the address if you are considering a return. You have a total of 60 days to return the goods. If you send the goods back to Giddy up, they will take care of all further steps and you will not incur any additional expense.


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[[Exclusive Sale 50% ]] Nicobloc Reviews: Does it Really Work? The Truth! (TRE no:(qso791))

[[Exclusive Sale 50% ]] Nicobloc Reviews: Does it Really Work? The Truth! (TRE no:(qso791))

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