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Fostering community development stitch by stitch.

SewForward is a non-profit program doing quality, small batch, cut and sew manufacturing,
with no minimum orders.

A program of the non-profit, East End Cooperative Ministry, SewForward works to create a
thriving local economy to help lift individuals out of poverty and foster sustainable community

SewForward’s mission is to be the primary cut and sew small batch contractor for emerging and
expanding entrepreneurs needing quality production with no minimum orders.

Work With Us


This is manufacturing that supports EECM and the community. Every project we take
on helps the local economy thrive, lifts individuals out of poverty, and fosters sustainable
community development.



Is your project just an
idea in your head, or a
developed pattern that
needs some


Meet with our
Sewing Program
Manager to help refine
your product and
prepare it for production.



All projects start with a
sample for approval
before production
begins. We want our
clients to be assured of
the quality of their final


No Minimums

Our no-minimum
production allows you to
test your product and
make adjustments while
you grow your
business. Produce as
few as 10 or as many as
1000. Ask about our
package pricing for runs
under 200.


Our History

SewForward was initially designed as a career development program in collaboration with RK Mellon, the Pittsburgh Opera, and Bridgeway Capital. The project launched in February 2017 to provide technical education, access to professional machines, jobs, and pre-apprenticeship training in the sewing and manufacturing fields.

EECM built and equipped a sewing production and training space, using equipment and machines that are considered the best in the industry. The program was designed to train participants in the fundamentals of stitching, embroidery, and design, all while helping them learn soft business skills.

Today SewForward is a professional small batch cut and sew manufacturer, working with entrepreneurs to help them design and manufacturer their soft goods. Our profits benefit the East End Cooperative Ministry's mission to change the lives of people facing the impacts of poverty.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Reach out today to learn more or to get started with your commercial or industrial small batch sewing project.

SewForward Direct: 412-345-7141
EECM Main: 412-361-5549

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