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Finding success at Safe Haven

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

From guest blogger, Dan H., Safe Haven Case Manager

Safe Haven is an independent permanent housing program for men who have been homeless, and also face mental health challenges.  For many reasons, mental health can be a very difficult barrier for someone looking for a stable home. Many mental health challenges are also barriers to employment, making it difficult to focus at a job, or even keep an individual from being hired at all. However, having a safe place to live can be the stability that someone with mental challenges needs to take steps to manage their mental health, find a job or advance their education, and become a member of a community.

Because Safe Haven is a permanent housing program, our success stories are our long time Safe Haven residents. (Most of our Safe Haven residents have lived with us for at least five years!) For the men who have stayed with us for several years, success is their ability to adjust their lives and mental health conditions, and come to a point where they are able to maintain housing.  Success also means that none of these men have been hospitalized for any mental health or substance abuse problems, while living here at Safe Haven.  Safe Haven is a drug and alcohol-free program, and all of the residents live their daily lives, free from drugs and alcohol.

Safe Haven resident


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