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Google Serves at EECM

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Thank you Google for sending us your Googlers to volunteer with us at EECM in our Food Pantry and Community Kitchen! GoogleServe, which is Google’s month long campaign during which Googlers volunteer in their community, spent the day at EECM with EECM’s Volunteer Coordinator Tracy Hudson and EECM’s Chef Nicole Baverso for a day of service.

“I love having the opportunity to walk down the street from Bakery Square to volunteer for an organization that is such a force of good,” said Jonathan Harbuck, a software engineer for Google.

“We are delighted to have Google here at EECM to support our vital volunteer efforts for our Community Nutrition Services Program which serves Pittsburgh and the many who are in need of a hot meal and good nutrition,” said Carole Bailey, EECM’s President and CEO.


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