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Let Peace Shine: A Candlelight Vigil for Peace from your Home to the World

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Let Peace Shine: Candlelight Vigil for Peace from your Home to the World

Violence exists in all aspects of our lives and throughout the world. Regardless of race, religion, or region we are all touched by violence both locally and globally. As a community we must unite together against violence.

We will provide a brief prayer from a multitude of faiths with a community-wide candle lighting to show our unity against the violence in our homes, neighborhoods, city, state, nation, and the world.

A diverse crowd of thousands will gather in prayer and silent reflection. We will honor the faith traditions of many to have our voices and prayers united. We will give a voice to those who are voiceless due to any one of the many forms of violence prevalent in our world.

To address this violence in a meaningful and effective manner this is an opportunity for people of all faiths to come together to support each other, and light a candle to illuminate the Path to Peace. As each candle is successfully lit the light extends to the next person to the entire world. So will our prayers for peace.

Together we can Let Peace Shine.

Event Details EECM Community House, Main Entrance A 6pm Arrival & Line-Up 6140 Station Street 7pm Prayers & Candle Lighting Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Candles provided Individuals and groups will be guided to line up along the sidewalks, beginning at EECM’s Main Entrance A and weaving through East Liberty. Adults and children of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Please sign-up via Facebook or Event Brite: Facebook: Event Brite:


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