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Luminari's Camp Delicious donates meals to EECM

East End Cooperative Ministry CEO Carole Bailey visited Luminari’s CAMP DELICIOUS this morning to thank campers and instructors for preparing and donating gourmet meals to EECM's food insecure residents.

KDKA TV2 (CBS Pittsburgh) came too and will have the story on their evening broadcasts.

QED Cooks’ Chris Fennimore led the campers in making the meals, including how to bake French baguettes.

Luminari’s Hilda Fu, Sheila Hyland, and the campers agreed that donating the finished meals to EECM made Camp Delicious all the more rewarding this year.

Luminari Founder Hilda Fu, EECM CEO Carole Bailey, Luminari Operations Manager Sheila Hyland, and EECM Director of Development and Public Relations Michael Bartley

Camp Delicious students learning how to prepare vegetables

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This is a very meaningful activity. I very much support and appreciate activities that have positive meaning for society. eggy car


Masker Yulia
Masker Yulia
Nov 02, 2023

The participants felt that this year's Camp Delicious was especially meaningful because they were able to donate the completed meals to amanda the adventurer

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