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Summer Camp 2021!

Summer Camp is in full swing at East End Cooperative Ministry! Our 5 week Summer Camp works to address what young people in at-risk and disadvantaged communities need educationally, emotionally, behaviorally, culturally, communally, and through extracurricular activities.

Summer Day Camp programming focuses on the following: Career Awareness and Workforce Development; Arts and Humanities; Physical Education; Diversion Programs; Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention; Educational Services; Life-Skills; and Family Support. We work with these young people to provide overarching life-skills and developmental programming so they stay in school, avoid drugs and alcohol, have pathways away from violence, learn to value themselves, are future minded, value education and learning, and can plan for future success.

The children benefit from a safe learning environment with nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks. In addition to athletic and arts activities, our day camp includes life skill lessons, field trips, reading clubs, horseback riding, and rock climbing. After five weeks of immersion in positive developmental activities, the camp ends with a production, created by the children, in which the campers sing, dance, and perform skits to show an audience of friends, family, and community members the progress they made in their talents and outlooks while at camp.

Parents are invited to attend the production on August 5. Please contact Nina Dumas ( with any questions about our Summer Camp program and how your child can be involved in our programming. Learn more about our other programs here: and support EECM at today.

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