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Pamela’s Story

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

My name is Pamela Jenkins. I first heard about East End Cooperative Ministry in January of 1994.

I was homeless. I just got out of rehab. I wasn’t working. I had nothing until a friend kindly steered me to EECM. Dedicated staff and volunteers helped me with food and shelter and, most important, they helped me regain my self-confidence. They helped me get an apartment. And EECM didn’t stop there.

Miraculously, EECM saw talent and conviction in me. And, they gave me a job. I’ve been clean and sober for 25 years and that’s how long I worked for EECM. 25 years beautiful and successful years of never feeling hopeless again. I started out as a secretary and worked my way up to case management.

Every single day, I saw EECM similarly transform lives of desperation into productive lives of confidence and hope. It was at EECM where I found a spiritual connection –not religious– but spiritual. I witnessed first-hand how individuals from East Liberty, Homewood, Downtown Pittsburgh, Shadyside, Southside and beyond reached independence just like I did.

And over those 25 years, I learned that the successes of EECM wouldn’t be possible without your continued generosity. Trust me. EECM saved my life and will continue to save lives thanks to you.

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