SewForward: Creative Crossroads Newsletter April 2021

SewForward is a cut and sew studio providing high quality small batch manufacturing, while providing job training and employment opportunities for people facing difficulty in the workforce. SewForward is part of the East End Cooperative Ministry.

SewForward loves to help small businesses grow. Our monthly newsletter, Creative Crossroads, provides tips to help you improve your business.

In This Issue We Explore:

  • Sewing Tip

  • How to easily hem a curve.

  • Label Your Product

  • Are you losing repeat customers because they can't find you?

  • Mise en Place

  • Get everything in place before you start your project.

Sewing Tip: Easily Hem a Curve

If you've ever tried to iron in any size hem on a curved item such as a skirt or bell sleeve, you'll know this is an effort in frustration. The fabric won't fold cleanly and ends up with puckers and folds. But, there is an easier way to hem a curve; add a bias cut facing. Once this is sewn onto your hem it will fold and sew like a straight hem. It may seem like an extra step, but the ease of using this type of hem on a curve far outweighs the extra minutes it may take to sew it on.

Label Your Product

A recent Facebook post went something like this; “Hey everyone, I bought this turtle necklace a couple years ago at a craft show and wa