SewForward: Creative Crossroads Newsletter July 2021

SewForward is a cut and sew studio providing high quality small batch manufacturing, while providing job training and employment opportunities for people facing difficulty in the workforce. SewForward is part of the East End Cooperative Ministry.

SewForward loves to help small businesses grow. Our monthly newsletter, Creative Crossroads, provides tips to help you improve your business.

In This Issue We Explore:

  • What's the Right Time to Buy New Equipment

  • How do you know when it's the right time to buy equipment for your business. Part 2 of our 4-part series about equipment upgrades.

  • Sewing Tip

  • Sewing supplies in home improvement stores.

  • Beating the Competition

  • Get customers to buy from YOU not your competitors.

What's the Right Time to Buy New Equipment

When I first started my drapery business, I was sewing on my mother’s 30-year-old Kenmore machine. When it stopped working correctly, I upgraded to a better home machine. Finally, I took the plunge and purchased several industrial sewing machines. My business product changed from home sewer to professional almost overnight. It was a great decision, and even now, I still use a couple of the machines for my sewing hobby.